Center for Academic Integrity Pakistan (CAIP) is a non-profit research center which is established in Pakistan to promote ‘academic integrity’ and discourage academic dishonesty and dodge in higher education and research area. Identifying and promoting academic integrity values among students, faculty members, and researchers is the primary goal of CAIP, Pakistan. This center supports the integrity principles that generate novel theories and concepts. The center aims to innovate via research, manufacture more products based on that research, and nurture novel concepts. CAIP aimed to produce graduates with high standards of integrity and professional ethics in order to serve the community of highly qualified and competent individuals.



Center for Academic Integrity Pakistan (CAIP) promotes Academic Integrity Values across the Institutions and Societies.



Organize awareness campaigns and various programs to discourage academic misconduct in the classroom. Additionally, the center will also conduct research on various dimensions of academic integrity. The center’s research activities will further support the relevant institution to develop and implement academic integrity policies in an effective manner.



1.      To organize training programs with a purpose to discourage plagiarism and promote academic honesty in education.

2.      To conduct research on various dimensions of academic integrity.

3.      To help in the development and implementation of academic integrity policies in institutions.

4.      To provide academic integrity services including assessment services and consultancies services and others.

5.      To develop consortia that helps to create networking and linkage among those people who are already interested in building academic integrity for collaboration. Also, to cooperate with each other through the networking process among relevant stakeholders and institutions. Hence, it invigorates academic integrity research and collaborations in focused and prioritized areas.



1.      To provide consultancy services, assessment services, and relevant resources to foster academic integrity.

2.      To support the development of academic integrity policies.

3.      To implement the training sessions based on various dimensions of academic integrity.



CAIP Network Campaign aimed to link those people and organizations together that are promoting academic integrity and bring them together on international forums for combined and cooperative efforts to combat cheating and plagiarism. Ultimately, this social capital and network development will enhance research activities on an international level. This Network Campaign would also foster educational opportunities and academic integrity among connected people and organizations. While bearing in mind all the copyright rules and academic integrity policies, these liaison and networking opportunities will also encourage researchers and students to learn, contribute novel ideas and share knowledge efficiently and effectively.


CAIP will organize programs like workshops, webinars and conferences on a regular basis to nurture a culture of integrity.