Read & Write Pakistan (R&RP) is the non-profit organization and was founded on August 22, 2015 at Islamabad under the umbrella of Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization (PLWO) with a mission to motivate and instigate more people to read more. The main purpose of this program is to engage more and more people in reading and writing habits in order to make Pakistan an intellectual place.

Pakistan lacks literary eminence and the amount of emphasis to bring about an educational overhaul in the country is poor. This literal backwardness in Pakistan has resulted in the failure of Pakistan’s producing quality thinkers, philosophers, authors and theologians. Such lack of emphasis on the literary growth marks questions on our prospects of our emerging has an inhabitant of renowned nation and at the same underlines the intellectual decadents of the masses.

The culture of reading and writing is the bedrock of any nation’s educational system and any educational system that fails to provide the said culture is doing sheer injustice to the otherwise aspiring youth. The concept of falling in love with books as per interest and the manifestation of it through writing is something Pakistan badly needs at this stage.

Realizing the essence and vitality of it, Read & Write Pakistan is dedicatedly working to encourage and promote much neglected area of reading culture in Pakistan. Reading habits is not given due status in Pakistan which has resulted in disarraying the minds of young generation. The initiative “Read & Write Pakistan” is committed to make this oversight area, a priority, to stimulate reading habits in Pakistan through organizing different programs.

Read & Write Pakistan since its inception initiating many programs, which are best serving its objectives. We started different campaigns and programs like Ao Aik Kitaan Parain, Reading demonstration programs, Mobile libraries and building community libraries across Pakistan etc., which yielded best results and helped us in the promotion of reading culture in Pakistan. We also started a very unique campaign Build Little Free Library Around You” in order to build a free book exchange program. R&RP arranged different literary activities like national seminar, lectures and Adabi Baothak etc. to meet its objectives.


  • Establish community libraries, mobile libraries and innovative information resource centers to provide a peaceful reading environment to local marginalized society.
  • Organizing regular seminars/workshops to inculcate reading habits in every segment of society
  • Make Friends of Read & Write Pakistan in order to make maximum people involved in this noble cause
  • Arrange different lecture in schools, colleges and universities to highlight importance of reading and make them lifelong learner
  • Make maximum “Read and Write Pakistan Ambassadors”
  • To engage maximum like-minded organizations to be part of this campaign
  • To interact with foreign community and involve them to foster overall objectives of this projects
  • Provide scholarships and educational material who are handicapped due to financial constraints.


  • Conduct workshops/lectures/seminar/symposia and book exhibitions
  • Celebration of Word Book Day and Copy right day
  • Celebration of Information literacy Day
  • Give appreciation awards/certificates to top 20 Read & Write Pakistan Ambassadors in one year

Peoples may join us to promote reading culture through following ways:

  • Join us as Partner
  • Individual Partner
  • Organization
  • Volunteer
  • Foreign Ambassador

Projects of R&R Pakistan:

  • A little Free Library
  • Book Club
  • Book Talks
  • Author Talks
  • آو کتاب پڑھیں
  • کتاب کیسے پڑھیں